20 Most Japanese Things That Ever Happened

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If you thought America was weird; you haven’t seen half the oddities that happen in Japan. The country have an abnormally high tolerance for strangeness, in particular when it comes to sex and pooping .

It’s not only their media and entertainment that appear to be completely insane: every day life in Japan is just as extreme.

The country is home to the Suicide Forest (where 50 people killed themselves in 2010 alone), vending machines that sell underwear, and cafes where people pay to cuddle. Oh, and let’s not forget, tentacle porn.

It’s always fun seeing the strange things Japan has to offer, not to mention disturbing, so without further ado – let us delve into the wonderfully weird world of the Japanese.

20. This Man Judo-Kicking A Girl And Getting Applauded

 This Man Judo-Kicking A Girl And Getting Applauded

Hadouken! Truth be told, they’re probably newlyweds or something. 

19. These Super Kawaii Condoms

 This Man Judo-Kicking A Girl And Getting Applauded

Surely some products must be spared from being made cute in Japan? As if the Hello Kitty dildo wasn’t weird enough; now these strange bear condoms are on the market.

18. This Virtual Sexual Assault Game

 This Virtual Sexual Assault Game

This kind of thing was inevitable as soon as the Oculus Rift was released, and we should only have guessed Japan would come up trumps in the “going-too-far-now” department.

A developer created a game where players basically grope a manga woman’s breasts. The added creepiness is the fact that she acts defensively when they’re grabbed (with the unnerving boob simulator that comes with the game) which is definitely not cool. 

17. This Priority Seating Subway Sign

 This Virtual Sexual Assault Game

Incase you didn’t understand these pretty simple instructions, here’s what they obviously mean, from left to right:

1. Person with injured arm

2. Person holding child

3. Pregnant woman

4. Person with injured leg

16. This Wild Coke Party

 This Wild Coke Party

Japanese tradition: whoever drinks the most Coca Cola, gets the girl. We’re kidding, we don’t have the slightest clue what the hell is going on here; and we’re not sure we want to. 

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