20 Most Beautifully Tacky Christmas Sweaters Ever

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If Santa can wear a red velvet suit with a furry white collar, these people can wear hilariously hideous Christmas sweaters this time of year.

Their tacky presence is as much of a holiday tradition as is running out of tape when you have three more gifts to wrap. Then again, Santa is an iconic figure. These people appear to have hit the egg nog a little too hard...

1. No Kidding

Don't let their sweaters distract you from the fact that there's ALSO A BABY GOAT IN A SANTA HAT!


2. Double Trouble

You can't have one without the other.

3. Elf Yourself

It's like ugly sweater inception.

4. It's the Bumble

This one is just full of awesome.

5. Cast and Crew

And if he's not enough, here's the whole cast of the film. "I'm going to be a dentist!"

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