20 Legendary Cards On The Hearthstone

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For many Hearthstone players, particularly newer ones, deciding which legendary cards to craft with your hard-earned dust is a stressful experience.

The setback from crafting a card which ends up being useless can be potentially devastating.

Here are 20 best legendary cards on the hearthstone.

20. Baron Geddon

Baron Geddon is a card that has primarily fallen down the power ranking due to the amount of new legendaries introduced with each expansion.

Early on in Hearthstone, Baron Geddon was seen commonly in control decks as one of the few viable options for a late-game threat.

These days Geddon only appears in the heaviest of control decks that are looking for extra clearing power against aggro decks.

Control Warrior is the deck that Geddon is most commonly found in, but control Paladins can also use it effectively as an extra combo part in conjunction with Equality.

19. Bloodmage Thalnos

Bloodmage Thalnos is a card that can fly under the radar of a lot of new players.

Combine that with the fact that Bloodmage has weaker stats than either of those cards, and it’s easy to see why the skeletal wizard gets ignored.

It’s impossible to replicate the value with a single replacement, and since you can only fit 30 cards in your deck, this 2-in-1 proposition can be hugely useful.

Any deck based around some sort of burn spell finisher tends to features Thalnos. Freeze Mages include it to buff up their game-ending burst combo, or to dig deeper in their deck for crucial cards.

Oil Rogue uses it for powerful tempo plays using Backstab, Fan of Knives, or Blade Flurry, while simultaneously cycling through their deck to hit key cards.

Even some niche builds of Grim Patron Warrior (RIP) include it to get added value out of Inner Rage and Slam. The versatility is key.

18. Al'Akir the Windlord

Once maligned as the worst legendary in the vanilla game, Al’Akir has since found a comfortable home as the finisher of choice in Midrange Shaman decks.

What was overlooked early on was the potential burst damage that Al’Akir can dish out when combined with Rockbiter Weapons or Flametongue Totems, and this extra bite can be crucial in a deck that generally doesn’t play too many powerful minions.

Midrange Shaman is often able to gain board control fairly easily, but lacks the oomph in the late-game to push for the win.

As with most class-specific Legendaries on this list, though, Al’Akir can be skipped if you’re not planning on making a splash with Shaman, and other cheaper cards like Doomhammer or Bloodlust can deliver a similarly potent effect.

17. Edwin van Cleef

Another class legendary sneaks onto the list in the shape of the leader of the Defias Brotherhood.

Edwin van Cleef is a powerful minion used in tempo-focused decks like Oil Rogue.

The amount of low cost spells that Rogues play, combined with the power of Preparation to string together multiple cards early on, means that Edwin can often be a 6/6 for 3-mana, or better.

Since Rogue decks are primarily only built one way—to leverage the advantage that their hero power and incredibly efficient removal spells provide into a tempo advantage—the ability to play such a huge minion for a small mana cost is hard to overlook.

That said, Edwin isn’t found in every Rogue deck, and this stops it from making an impact on the higher reaches of the list.

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