20 Internet Cat Pictures That Would Absolutely Melt You Down

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Time and time again, cats rule the internet.

It's not hard to understand why they have that power when you take a look at these 20 cat pictures that would absolutely melt you down.

1. The Award Winner

Perhaps the noblest quality of all the cat qualities is the quiet grace and humility with which they accept recognition for their achievements.

2. The Cat Who Caught Her Owner Stealing Her Ice Cream

We must always stand up in the face of injustice, and because it is rare to see a picture of a cat who is very clearly saying, “Oh no you didn’t!”

3. The Existential Cat with His Existential Duck

Does anything matter at the moment?

4. The Bodyguard

In about 10 seconds the cat on the couch is going to say “It’s not my blood! It’s not me! Wait! He’s my bodyguard! Get some help! Stay with me! Frank! Stay with me!” and we’re all going to cry our goddamn eyes out.

5. Inception Cat

This is the way the world ends — not with a bang, but with a cat who is hugging a cat who is hugging another cat.

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