20 Hilarious Best vs. Worst Cosplays Comparisons You Have to See

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16. Big Daddy & Little Sister (BioShock)

Bioshock was a game that received critical acclaim so when it comes to recreating one of its most infamous villains some attention to detail is needed.

And thankfully, the guy on the left knows how to offer up some mad respect.

However, this poor guy on the right  just look like you got in a fight with a moving truck.

17. Joker – Older Style (Batman)

We actually are slightly afraid of the Joker on the left. Obviously channeling his best Jack Nicholson the attention to detail is uncanny.

Daddy-o on the right though…it’s kind of like the Joker and Mimi from ‘The Drew Carey Show’ had a love child that ended up deformed.

18. Joker – Newer Style (Batman)

Heath Ledger would definitely be proud of the cosplayer on the left with his stunning recreation of the Joker from ‘The Dark Knight.’

We honestly thought it was Ledger for a second due to how amazing the makeup job is.

Unfortunately, kid on the right gets an A for Effort but doesn’t hold a candle to the other guy.

19. Deathstroke (DC Comics)

Deadpool is supposed to strike fear in the hearts of those who encounter him and when it comes to the guy on the left he does just that.

Beyond the costume, he really has a scary stare. We personally would flee if we came face to face with him.

The guy on the right we would most likely laugh at and offer advice not to wear spandex.

20. Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Johnny Depp is that you? The likeness of the guy on the left is absolutely insane.

As for the other guy, well that would be a big fat NO.

You wouldn’t even know that was Jack Sparrow if he didn’t have the iconic dreadlocks.


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