20 Hilarious Best vs. Worst Cosplays Comparisons You Have to See

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11. Poison Ivy (Batman)

Poison Ivy has never looked better on the left and she could kidnap us any day. She really is radiating Liv Tyler in a wig. We are pretty smitten we have to admit.

Now lady on the right, good effort but there is nothing sexy about that. She is definitely radiating Poison Ivy straight out of Walmart.

12. Batman

We wouldn’t mind the Batman on the left saving us from mad henchman of the Joker or the vines of Poison Ivy.

However, the one on the right we aren’t sure could even get himself out of beer keg.

13. Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid)

Metal Gear Solid is a game that has become legend and obviously the guy on the left respects it.

The likeness he’s created is absolutely uncanny…although looking like a model has to help. Sadly, the attempt on the right looks like a reject from GI Joe.

14. Thor

For a second there we almost couldn’t tell the difference between this cosplayer and Chris Hemsworth.

Talk about paying attention to detail. The guy on the right though—sorry you’re not fooling anyone with that Dollar Store costume.

15. Loki (Thor)

Okay, so we have Loki on the left and Maleficent’s sister on the right. Because that’s the only thing we can come up with from this bad attempt at the Norse villain.

Seriously, who did you think you were fooling?

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