20 Hilarious Best vs. Worst Cosplays Comparisons You Have to See

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6. Supergirl (DC Comics)

The girl on the left just seems a little too stereotypical, while the girl on the right looks like she just wanted to walk around with a gun in her underwear… Wait! why would Superwoman even need a gun?

7. Black Widow (Marvel Comics)

The Black Widow on the left is so well done, everything is amazing even down to the belt! While the right one is a little ruff..

8. Misty (Pokemon Series)

Man, Misty from Pokemon seems to have had it rough over the years. We are thinking too much drinking and chasing down Pokemon in the remote regions of the world. Those monsters can take their toll for sure.

Honestly, we think she could make the next Jenny Craig spokesmodel. We’re sure she would do great. And everyone is so over Kirstie Alley anyway.

9. Daenerys Targaryen – Khaleesi (Game of Thrones)

Everyone loves ‘Game of Thrones’ so obviously when it comes to recreating iconic characters you want to at least try to do them justice. Girl on the left—wow we couldn’t ask for anything better.

Sadly, girl on the right thinks holding up a ducktape dragon and wearing a $1.00 wig is going to turn her into the Queen of the Dragons.

10. Rogue (X-Men Series)

We love X-Men… specifically, we love X-Women, like Rogue here on the left. The amount of effort that went into looking this good was probably not that much effort, considering this chick is super hot!

But she did put a lot of work in the costume with all the elements it has!

And while we appreciate the skin-tight uniform this faux Rogue is wearing on the right, we have to point out that her panty line is visible, not something that Rogue would do.

Coupled with the fact she does not have that streak of grey hair, her hair is not red, and she’s missing that banging jacket… well, let’s just say, that Rogue ain’t in vogue!

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