20 Funniest Anime Things Olny Super Anime Fans Can Understand

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NO……It’s not a CARTOON!This is anime!

Today We get 20 funniest thing only anime fans know.

1. You’re too tired to explain to other folk that ANIME and CARTOON are not the same.

This can infuriate even the amateur fans. Anime is not the same as cartoon, yo!


2. No one will ever understand your desire to go to Japan one day.

Land of anime. EVERY fan wants to go there. we mean, EVERY.

3. You freak out when you meet another anime / manga fan. (Especially, someone who likes the very same anime / manga that you do).

You just don’t know how you clicked on so fast!

4. …and you always end up having your own conversations with them, which won’t include anyone else.

Having your own secret language. Best feeling ever.

5. You at least know 1/5th of the Japanese language, and it is your dream to learn it all for one reason only…

That’s the dream, minna-san.

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