20 Best Action Anime You Must Watch in Your Lifetime

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16. Berserk

The epic tale of a mercenary and his quest for glory and revenge. What starts as a young man vying for fame on the battlefield develops into an intense struggle against every force of evil imaginable. The ending will leave you devastated, to say the least.

17. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Gurren Lagann)

This popular series not only broke the barriers of logic and scale when it came out. It also pushed action anime farther than it has ever done before. In fact, its popularity is so great that it actually reached the hallowed halls of European politics.

18. Btooom!

There's nothing more action-packed and exciting than an overwhelmingly popular action online game - in this case, Btooom! But when the players are forced to play that survival game in real-life, the action increases drastically with an x100 multiplier!

19. Guilty Crown

Snagging the #19 spot with a mixture of mystery, drama, mecha, supernatural powers, and extraordinary action is an anime show that'll definitely make you feel guilty if you haven't watched it yet.

It has tons of action and battle scenes that are good enough for you to disregard all the other mediocrities in it.


20. One Punch Man

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning One Punch Man! This very recent comedy/action anime series is one of the highlights of the past anime season. Fans of the action genre should definitely give One Punch Man a shot... or at least one punch!

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