20 Best Action Anime You Must Watch in Your Lifetime

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Action anime is hard to define, but if a show has car chases, epic battles and lots of explosions, then it probably fits the genre's description.

With the violence, heart-pumping battle scenes, bad-ass weaponry, trigger happy psychopaths, and unique storylines, action anime series set us up for hours of entertainment. Let's take a look at 20 of the best action anime that you are sure to love.

1. Dragon Ball Z

Want to watch a show with an '80s vibe? Look no further! Dragonball Z is all the right kinds of cheese, featuring amazing fights, power ups, and... SUPER SAIYANS!


2. Attack on Titan

Words don't cut it to describe the overwhelming action in this anime. Let's just say that there's a colossal titan. That colossal titan is this anime. Watch it now to see for yourself what extreme action and story we're talking about.

3. Hunter X Hunter

Based on the art style and character design, you're probably thinking this is a fun little series about friendship and believing in yourself. You could not be more wrong.

While the plot seems to play out in a relatively standard and tame manner, there are moments of pure insanity that remind you that you are not watching a kids show. Hearts get ripped out, faces get eaten off, and limbs get blown apart out of nowhere.

4. One Piece

A swashbuckling adventure featuring duels with supernatural powers, fun characters, voyages and tons of pirates, One Piece is one of the most popular anime series out there. It will certainly fulfill any action craving you have.

5. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a 175 action/fantasy series that packs one hell of a powerful punch. With a plethora of fun characters and epic duels featuring all sorts of magic, Fairy Tail is a great series if you are looking for some good popcorn material!

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