20 Beloved '90s TV Shows and the Last Shot of Their Final Episode

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11. Animaniacs

In the last episode, "Birds On A Wire/The Scoring Session/The Animaniacs Suite," the final thing we see is the trio about to be wrangled up in nets.

12. Dawson's Creek

In the final Dawson's Creek episode, "...Must Come to An End," the last thing we see is a photograph of Dawson and his friends on his desk, then it cuts to a scene of the crew at the beach in the first season.

13. Recess

The finale of Recess, titled "Lost Leader" ends with one last shot of the gang, as their fearless leader T.J. reassures them that he has a plan to avoid detention after Vince breaks a window playing baseball.

14. The Secret World of Alex Mack

In "Paradise Regained," the last thing we're shown is Alex smiling, with the cure to get rid of her powers in hand, though we don't see whether or not she takes it.

15. X-Men

In the series finale, "Graduation Day," the last thing shown is a gathering of the X-Men along with Magneto, as they watch an ailing Professor Xavier get flown out on Lilandra's craft to a place that can heal him.

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