20 Beloved '90s TV Shows and the Last Shot of Their Final Episode

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Check out the very last moments of your favorite '90s TV shows.

1. Family Matters

The last shot is of Laura and Steve sharing a final kiss in the two-part finale, "Lost in Space."


2. Boy Meets World

At the end of the two-part "Brave New World," Mr. Feeny dismisses Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric from class one last time.

3. Seinfeld

In "The Finale," Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are in a holding cell, about to head to prison. The end credits show Jerry performing stand-up for a crowd of fellow prisoners, before being escorted off by a prison guard in the final shot.

4. Rugrats

The last episode of Rugrats, "Fountain of Youth / Kimi Takes the Cake" ends with a shot of Tommy and company happily doing some crowdsurfing.

5. Hey Arnold!

This shot is from "Grandpa's Packard," which was the final episode to air, though it wasn't meant to be. The last episode as production intended was titled, "The Journal," which made much more sense as an ending because it explained the story of Arnold's parents.

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