19 Pets Who Are Stuck in Things But Keep Pretending Everything Is Fine

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We love our pets for so many reasons, but one in particular that can brighten our day is that they just are majestic clumsy animals.

Most of the times they look so agile confident about their physical abilities, but the few times they happen to fail it can be totally hilarious.

1.“Just going to pretend I'm keeping guard and not trying to escape.”


2. “I am NOT stuck! I am simply using a bagel as it was an accessory - obviously!”

3. “No I didn’t get stuck in the sign. This is how people look for love now. God, Karen, get with it.”

4. “This was intentional. It’s called fashion, Sharon, look it up.”

5. “I was ~putting on the ritz~ for you. But clearly you don’t deserve my sophisticated sense of humour.”

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