19 of the Best Short Episode Anime Series Worth Watching

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16. There She Is!

There she is is about a rabbit named Doki falling in love with a man cat named Nabi. Of course, interspecies love is unacceptable in their society, but Doki is determined to make it work at all costs.

Cute animation. Surprisingly mature theme.

17. Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi’s Sweet Home is about a kitten that wanders away from its cat family and gets lost. 

Instead of the brutal reality that usually happens to lost kittens, it gets picked up by a young boy and his mother and taken to its new home.

18. Recorder and Randsell

Don’t be confused by the name, this is really Lovely Complex in short episode form. 

This series follows an eleven year old boy who is as tall as a grown up and his seventeen year old sister that is as short as a kid. 

You can imagine the shenanigans therein.


19. Makura no Danshi

Too busy for full-length anime and a boyfriend? Then this is the series for you. In each episode, you get a different boy to ask you about your day and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. 

It is a silly, if not slightly depressing, concept, but with the commercialization of love in Japan, honestly it is just surprising that there aren’t more series like this.

Got anymore good short episode anime recommendations? Tell us in that blanky, spacey, commenty section down below there.

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