19 of the Best Short Episode Anime Series Worth Watching

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11. Teekyuu

No plot? No problem! That’s Teekyuu’s stance on anime. This is a show about nothing in particular except a high school tennis club that doesn’t play tennis ever.

12. Oneechan ga Kita

After a new marriage, Tomoya Mizuhara gets a new sister, and he is not prepared. 

Not prepared to endure her intense love for him, anyway.

13. Aiura

What do you do at school when there is nothing to do? Not take notes and possibly learn something, that is for damn sure. 

If you need ideas on how to goof off in school, this group has plenty of them.

14. Mangirl

This is… Not what you think it is. Instead, it is about a bunch of girls trying to create manga. A bunch of girls without any experience trying to create manga. 

It is about their successes and their failures and about not giving up no matter how many people tell you your manga is shit.

15. Chocolate Underground


In this world, some dicks have banned all sweets. However, two teenage boys still remember the sweet tingle of chocolate in their mouths and are determined to find more. 

So they set out on a mission to find chocolate bootleggers.

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