19 of the Best Short Episode Anime Series Worth Watching

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6. Encouragement of Climb

You’ve watched sports anime, but mountain climbing has been sadly absent – Until now! Encouragement of Climb is about a group of girls that take up mountain climbing as a hobby. 

Really, it is just an excuse to go out into nature, goof around, and build friendships.

7. Danchigai

This is the story of a man and his four sisters. Like nagging women, they make it a daily goal to lecture him about all aspects of his life in this endless romp of sibling relations.

8. Senyuu.

After an ancient hero defeated the demon lord, the world was at peace. However, when the demons return and the demon lord awakens in the distant future, it is up to the hero’s 75 descendants to handle it now. 

Unfortunately, not many of them are up to the snuff of their ancestor, certainly not Alba and his assistant Ross.

9. Super Seisyun Brothers

Super Seisyun Brothers is about the unique friendship of two brother-sister pairs.

They miss a lot of potential, but it does feature some excellent comedy.

10. My Wife is the Student Council President

Hayato Izumi is the perfect respectable student and is running for student council president. However, after his competition, Ui Wakana, promises sex education and free condoms, she wins by a landslide. 

Still sore about his loss, things become even more complicated when Ui moves in with him. Apparently their parents, the filthy lushes that they are, made a drunken promise to have their kids marry each other. 

Can he keep their life a secret and the student council in line at the same time?

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