19 Most Memorable TV Sex Scenes You Need To See From 2016

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14. Molly and Jered, Insecure

When it happened: Season 1, Episode 6, “Guilty as Fuck”

What made it hot: If ever you start to question whether or not you should have sex against a wall, then do yourself a favor and watch this quick scene. Screaming “YOU STILL GOT ERRANDS?” is optional.

13. Elijah and Dill, Girls

When it happened: Season 5, Episode 4, “Old Loves”

What made it hot: Awww, little buddies! It’s like they’ve never heard of lube before! Little buds, trying to play slip ‘n’ slide with no running water. It just doesn’t work that way.

12. Kanan and Candie, Power

When it happened: Season 3, Episode 4, “Don’t Worry Baby”

What made it hot: It’s not every day that you see a penis onscreen. A little T&A is pretty much a given, but some DICK? No, that’s a real rare moment of pleasure. And as such, it’s impossible not to mention the moment that Kanan decides to go to town on his dick, with some help from his lady friend, Candie.

That’s right, this is the moment we got to see 50 Cent’s peen. His magic stick, if I may.

11. Kelly and Yorkie, Black Mirror

When it happened: Season 3, Episode 4, “San Junipero”

What made it hot: The ’80s were a time of wild hair, wilder glasses, and apparently some pretty fucking wild sexy times. Guess those damn scientists should invent time travel so we can go back and have some sex of our own.

10. Jack and Valerie, Casual

When it happened: Season 2, Episode 7, “Threesomes”

What made it hot: The female orgasm is a national treasure that should have a mountain in some Middle America state dedicated to it. And Valerie has mountains of orgasms with Jack, even if he does turn out to be kind of a dick (so to speak).

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