19 Most Embarrassing and Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunctions in Sports

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A lot can go wrong when participating in competitive, high-impact sports. 

Not only can players get injured, but also bare a little more skin than they were expecting. 

Luckily, these slightly embarrassing moments have all been captured on camera, so that we can share them with you.

1. Underpants And Football

At a 2013 soccer match, Nick Helenius tried to score a goal, but an opposing team member just wasn’t having it….and so this happened!


2. Purple Moon

Maybe Gillian Cooke packed on a few extra pounds before the 2010 world championships in Switzerland, but when she bent over to begin the race, viewers got a lot more than they bargained for.

3. Butt No

We don’t know which is more embarrassing; the player with his pants down or the player who had to see it up close and personal…Yikes.

4. Icy Nipples

Ekaterina Rubleva, a former ice skater from Russia had an unfortunate nip-slip during the European Figure Skating Championships. However the incident did put her name on the map, and we’re still talking about it, so….

5. Making Waves

While showing off her surfing skills for the camera, five-time world surfing champion Steph Gilmore showed off a little more than intended. Her black one piece totally gave out…oops!

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