19 Heartbreaking TV Deaths That Changed Our TV Lives

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Sometimes you can be sitting there, drinking chocolate milk, binge watching your favorite TV show and then all of a sudden…BANG…your favorite character is dead.  

Grab the box of tissues as we count down the 19 saddest TV character deaths in history.

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. We are going to ruin your life if you see a character on this list that you love and didn’t realize they were dead as John Snow. Just joking…John Snow isn’t dead…yes he is…mwahaha.

1. Violet Harmon- American Horror Story.

American Horror Story is typically known for its blood curdling episodes but every once in a while there will be a moment that gets you right in the feels. 

Early in season one, Violet tries to commit suicide but is saved by her next door neighbor Tate. As her story line continues we see her and Tate fall in love. Little did the audience or Violet know…that she actually died and she was a ghost the entire time. 

The moment she discovers that she is dead is heartbreaking….even more so than when Bruce Willis did in The Sixth Sense.


2. Jen Lindley – Dawson’s Creek.

With Jen Lindley’s death in the final episode of Dawson’s Creek it completely destroyed the possibility of getting the old gang back together for a reunion. 

Thanks Jen, you were always a spoiled bitch. That’s all we have to say about that.

3. Jin and Sun Kwon – Lost.

Lost‘s Jin and Sun only ever wanted to be together….and so it was fitting that they held hands as they both drowned together in a sinking submarine. 

That’s show business for you, destroying viewers’ hearts one sinking sub at a time.

4. Lane Pryce – Mad Men.

Mad Men wasn’t known for its high drama. Most of the show revolved around handsome alcoholic men getting laid as much as possible. In saying that, there was a particular moment when we put down our adult coloring books and paid attention to the screen. 

After Lane is confronted by Don for embezzling company money, we see Lane searching for ways to kill himself. After a botched attempt in his car, Lane makes it to his office, writes his resignation, and hangs himself.

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