19 Dumb Animals That You Can't Believe Are Real

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Who's responsible for these?!

1. Pangolin

You are an artichoke and everyone knows it. Roll back to the vegetable aisle, you leathery feather with a face.

2. Fossa

Why do you remind me of Mark Wahlberg, you strange, muscly cat-bear? I want to snuggle you but your body looks like it would feel like thick rope wrapped in velvet.

3. Lilac-Breasted Roller

Are you made of cotton candy or old Lisa Frank notebooks? Either way I will eat you right up, you pastel lunatic.

4. Glaucus Atlanticus

You look like a first-generation Pokemon with a harder-to-pronounce name. I hate your adorable blue finger-fins.

5. Bush Viper

If you don't sound like an English grandpa who only communicates in mind-bending riddles, I want my money back. Also I want to roll you back and forth under my feet because I think it would feel good.

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