19 Celebrity Fails That Are So Embarrassing You Shouldn't Laugh

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It's no secret that celebrities are airbrushed to perfection, but we're all still somehow stunned when they exhibit anything but that. 

When we make mistakes, the last thing we want is for them to broadcast on national television, but that's exactly what happens when you're famous.

Here are some of the most embarrassing celebrity moments that have ever happened. If they can recover from them, so can you.

1. Who wears short shorts? 

Grammy-award winners like Elton John.


2. Here's Leonardo DiCaprio at 21, holding a banana.

Contrary to what your teen heart might want to believe, this photo is not a fake. It's part of a series of photographs taken by David LaChapelle.

3. As if you needed another reason to love Zac Efron ...

While walking the red carpet at the premiere of the Lorax, of all movies, a condom flies out of his pocket. This is proof that safe sex is sexy.

4. Katy Perry dove into this humongous cake, and it was more like a belly flop.

After performing "I Kissed a Girl," she fell into this cake but it didn't absorb her like it should've. It looked as though she ran into a wall. Seconds later, she slipped on some icing. The singer-songwriter was a good sport and laughed the whole thing off.

5. John Mayer has made a number of questionable choices throughout the years, and this is one of them.

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