19 Annoying Cartoon Characters All '90s Kids Loved To Hate

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Everyone still loves the Rugrats, so it’s no surprise that people like to play into this nostalgia and re-imagine what their childhood heroes would look like today.

Yes, we love ’90s cartoons, but we also hate these 19 annoying characters:

1. Elmyra, Tiny Toon Adventures

Annoying because: You shouldn’t squeeze the life out of anyone, no matter how much you love them.

2. Angelica Pickles, Rugrats

Annoying because: Who bosses babies around?! BABIES.

3. Gary Oak, Pokémon

Annoying because: Gary thinks he’s so great as a Pokémon trainer (and he is), but why does he have to be so smug about it?

4. Helga Pataki, Hey Arnold!

Annoying because: Well, she’s hugely passive-aggressive and a jerk to most everyone.

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