19 Anime Recommendations Featuring Ghosts and Spirits

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Are you intrigued by the unknown? By a world that you can’t see, sense, or otherwise confirm the existence of? Then the supernatural genre of anime might be one of your favorite genres. 

While this broad genre corrals everything for the unbelievable to vaguely strange, if you are interested in ghost, spirits, or other supernatural beings, you have a wide array of anime series to choose from.

Whether your interest lies in creepy Japanese ghost stories to action-packed spirit fighters, there is a series to fit your every desire.

19. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana is the anime that many fans turn to when they need a good cry. It is about a group of childhood friends that drifted away from each other after the death of their shared friend, then when that dead friend comes back as a ghost, feelings are laid bare. 

Although its realistic characters and superb script carry this anime, it only has one ghost, and it is a pretty cute one too. So it seemed like the perfect end cap of our top 20 anime series ghost anime series.

18. The Young Spirit Master

Abe no Masahiro is the grandson of a prestigious Spirit Master, but he has long lost his ability to sense spirits. 

However, on chance he runs into a mononoke that he can see, not knowing that their partnership is all part of his grandfather’s plan to awaken his true potential.

17. Kitarou no Gegege

Kitarou is a ghost who spends his afterlife helping humans that need his skills. He also spends his time fighting evil spirits that seek to torment humanity. 

Despite being older and aimed at a younger audience, if you like traditional Japanese yokai lore, the anime series and movies end up being a nice watch.

16. Kaidan Restaurant

You might expect this anime to be about a haunted restaurant, but instead it is told in three parts, an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, if you will. 

The first two parts of each episode are about the strange and creepy things that surround an average sixth grader and her friends. 

The final part of the episode is a random ghost story drawn from around the world told by the aforementioned sixth grader.

15. Another

After a student’s death decades ago, Class 3-3 has always had to endure a curse where students start dying one after another. To combat it, the students now take precautions, but no one expected a new transfer student this year.

Although it is hard to give a proper summary without spoiling things, Another presents an occasionally creepy ghost story with a serious penchant for gory bloodbaths.

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