18 Worst Things About India That Will Make You Sad

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You must have seen commercials on CNN and other channels about Incredible India

In fact, India is indeed incredible in many ways. There is no denying that Americans and Europeans come to India looking for spirituality and to explore this amazing country. 

But to be honest, there are certain things that can make you incredibly insane which the Government of India adverts do not tell you. 

1. The fact that even after 67 years of independence more than 50% of Indian lives in conditions like this

2. When the common man has to get to the streets and suffer through this only to get his voice heard

Protests for Delhi Gang Rape

Women beaten brutally by cops

You call this democracy? 

3. Where dowry is regarded as a status symbol and brides are used as units of measurement

4. A country where Government websites meant for public assistance look like this and test your levels of patience

Until finally...

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