18 Short People Problems That Tall People Will Never Understand

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Most of us do not obsess over our heights. It is what it is, that is unless it gets in the way of doing things. 

Great things come in small packages. Still, the struggle is real. Here is an example of what life is like for those on the petite side.

1. You always need the one ingredient that is at the very top.

Let's hope the counters can handle the weight.


2. When you want to find your size but need a lift to do it.

Good thing there are friends willing to lend a hand or two.

3. At least her shoulders will never be cold.


When one size fits all is not true.

4. Getting in the car is an everyday struggle.

It's part of her daily workout.

5. The mirror is not getting in the way of looking her best.

Notice the towel for comfort? Brilliant.

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