18 of the Biggest Photoshop Disasters of 2016

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You know, you’d think that people would be better at Photoshop by now. 

We are almost through the year of our lord 2016, a year in which Photoshop, among other things, is basically ubiquitous–both Instagram and Snapchat filters are basically just Photoshop, after all–and still, we get to see people on the covers of magazines and in advertisements that, for the most part, do not exactly resemble humans.

So here, we’ve come up with the  biggest Photoshop disasters of 2016. Enjoy!  

1. Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke was given two right feet.


2. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner got the knees knocked out of ‘em on the cover of W magazine.

3. This poor Asos model lost her entire vagina.

4. This photo amazingly shows Britney Spears resting both on the edge of the pool and IN the pool at the same time.

5. This photo from Khloe Kardashian offers a completely odd crotch shot.

6. We’re not even sure what’s happening to this Victoria’s Secret model’s body.

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