18 Movies That Used the Word "F**k" A Lot

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15. Hustle & Flow

An MTV production from 2005, Hustle & Flow used "f*ck* 186 times. And say hello to a pre-Pensatucky Taryn Manning, too!

16. Pineapple Express

Seth Rogan's second entry on the list, Pineapple Express is the story of two stoners who like to say "f*ck" a lot. 175 times in 111 minutes!

17. Bad Santa


Bad Santa's most famous use of the f-word? The sweet and zany Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) saying "f*ck me, Santa!" while sleeping will Billy Bob Thornton's character. (178 uses in 93 minutes!)


18. Magic Mike

Magic Mike featured more than just hot, nearly naked men during its 110-minute runtime. "F*ck" could be heard 156 times.


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