18 Movies That Used the Word "F**k" A Lot

6531 People Viewed - about 15 months ago Entertainment

11. American History X

American History X had Edward Norton and fellow cast members saying "f*ck" 214 times before the final credits rolled.

12. Hot Tub Time Machine

Comedy Hot Tub Time Machine, a group of mid-life men dissatisfied with their lives, drop the F-bomb 212 times on their journey to the past.

13. Scarface

Say "Hello" to his little F-BOMB! Al Pacino and Co. used the word 207 times in 170 minutes of Scarface.

14. Superbad

Superbad writers, who have more than one film on this list, love the F-word. Superbad used the word 190 times in 118 minutes, making this Jonah Hill's second appearance on the list.

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