18 Movies That Used the Word "F**k" A Lot

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It's a word sure to catapult a move straight to an R-rating! 

Here are 18 Films that used the word "f--k" a lot. Like, a f--k of a lot.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

2013's The Wolf of Wall Street told the story of Jordan Belfort by using the word "f*ck" an impressive 569 times in 180 minutes.


2. Casino

Robert De Niro's Casino dropped 422 F-bombs in 178 minutes.

3. Goodfellas

Another Robert De Niro film, Goodfellas featered the F word 300 times in 146 minutes.

4. Jarhead

There's something about military films that make writers use the word "f*ck." Jake Gyllenhaal's Jarhead used the word 278 times in 123 minutes.

5. Reservoir Dogs

Throughout its 99 minute run, Reservoir Dogs viewers heard "f*ck" 269 times.

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