18 Mind-Bending Pictures of "Game of Thrones" Actors in the Real World

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Screw winter, it's all about dragons in Game of Thrones' chilling and ominous key art for the fantasy drama's eagerly anticipated fifth season.

But did you know the actors in "Game of Thrones" are, like, actual human beings? Like, just regular, normal people who hang out and have fun and aren't steeped in misery and scheming all day every day. Bizarre, right?

1.Tyrion and Cersei Neon Hula-Hooping


Only one can rule the Iron Karaoke Bar. 

2.Khal Drogo, George RR Martin, and Daenerys Goofin'


Khal Drogo being a chill surfer dude? Daenerys with brown hair? George RR Martin not writing the next book?! Everything about this is wrong! 

3.The Stark Kids Looking Like Regular Teens


Eddard would be so proud. 

4.Some Clean-Shaven Stark Kids (Plus One Greyjoy) 

Puberty Is Coming


Hodor is played by a man named Kristian Nairn who has mad DJ skills, a cool twitter and is pretty darn stylish. 

6.The Hound & Arya - Photo Booth'd! 

'The Hound and the Wolf-Bitch' should be a sitcom ASAP. 

7.Jon Snow At a Hockey Game

Rooting for the Maple Leafs? He truly does know nothing. 

8.Margaery, Sansa, Oberyn, and Arya


Uh, don't they realize I'm expecting them to be as miserable and conniving as their characters 24/7? 

9.Melisandre Hangin' With Jesse Pinkman




And possibly another thing he doesn't have on the show? (wink wink) 

11.Osha the Wildling Doing...Something?


Some craaaazy stuff goes on north of The Wall. 

12.More Beach Fun! 

Someone probably sent this to the guy who plays Jon Snow while he was filming in the Arctic. 

13.Melisandre On Her Banana-Phone


"R'hllor, is that you?" 

14.Arya Dancin' 

"My family and I will be together forever!" -Arya Stark, two minutes before the show began 

15.Margaery, Samwell, and Sansa


Remember your vows, Samwell. 

16.King Joffrey Being Not Sadistic and Evil?


Joffrey's crown looks pretty different in this picture. 

17.The Mountain and His IRL Son



18.Tyrion Just Scotterin' Around the City


Tywin is NOT going to be pleased when he sees this.


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