18 Hottest Athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

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11. Grigor Dimitrov

COUNTRY: Bulgaria

SPORT: Tennis

We think this tennis player is super hot, and we’re guessing his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger would probably agree.

12. Maria Sharapova

Country: Russia

Sport: Tennis

As much as we love Ana Ivanovic, we must admit it’s almost impossible to beat Maria Sharapova in pretty much anything. Second best female tennis player in the world and one of the most gorgeous athletes out there, she’s the epitome of a sports goddess. Definitely on the top 3 of all 2016 Rio Olympics hottest athletes rankings.

13. Michelle Jenneke

COUNTRY: Australia

SPORT: Track & field (hurdles)

Jenneke warms up by doing a sexy dance, bouncing back and forth, right before she takes off, making the warm up just as exciting as her actual race.

14. Sebastian Sole

COUNTRY: Argentina

SPORT: Volleyball

The more Sole spikes volleyballs over the net, the more his hotness spikes on the chart of sexiness.

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