18 Hidden Mistakes in Your Favorite Movies That You May Never Actually Noticed Before

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Movies and the massive, hardworking teams that make them have a lot to think about. 

Just one two-hour film can mean months (sometimes even years) of planning, preparation, casting, shooting, editing, and more. 

It makes sense, given the amount of work it takes to create a movie, that every once in awhile, there would be some mistakes. In fact, it's kind of surprising that there aren't more to speak of.

Below are some of the subtlest movie mistakes and inconsistencies that we've found, many of which seem so obvious but we never actually noticed before.  

1. Apparently they had 747's in Ancient Greece?

Perhaps it was the Greek gods who were responsible for sending this steel bird down from the heavens and into the sky? 


2. This ax must have had a power wash offscreen.

Gimli from Lord of the Rings just got finished kicking some ass on screen, and then he apparently had time to clean his blade from all the orc blood. 

3. The timing is slightly off on this one.

Generally, your head doesn't burst open before you get shot. Perhaps this man's head was too excited by the anticipation of it all.

4. Bet you never noticed this small detail in the instantly iconic film.

Jenny's iron seems to have a mind of its own. In other words, that iron sure was a runnin' fool. 

5. If only we could all have windows like this.

Honestly, we'd never have to worry about high bills to repair these bad boys if they'd just go ahead and repair themselves. 

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