18 Cutest Anime Characters You Wish You Had As Little Sister

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15. Hecate From Shakugan no Shana

Deceptively young looking, Hecate can be considered one of the antagonists of the first season. She sides with the "Bal Masque" group that plans to do harm to our heroes. Despite being one the most powerful characters, you can't help but admire how adorable Hecate is. Look at her hat, it's so cute. (Lolis often have big hats or pigtails.)

16. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi From The "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat

This anime is about a cat statue that grants people's wishes for a price. Tsukiko wishes to be a kuudere so she can hide her honest emotions. It works out for her and for everyone else, since Tsukiko is easily one of the most adorable kuudere out there.

17. Rika Furude From When They Cry

Higurashi is about a group of young kids killing each other. It's a lot more complicated than that, but discovering how different is part of the fun. Rika is the youngest loli in the group, and she's as innocent as it gets. She even adds "-mi" and "nippa" at the end of her sentences to make her even more adorable. Of course, Higurashi loves messing with your mind and Rika is often used to deliver that effect.


18. Azusa "Azu-nyan" Nakano From K-On!

I doubt anyone can dislike Azu-nyan. This girl, along with her band mates, took over the world at some point. Azu-nyan is not only insanely cute, but she can also rock hard with her amazing guitar skills. It takes just one cat-eared hairband to understand just how powerful of a loli anime character Azu-nyan is though.

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