18 Cutest Anime Characters You Wish You Had As Little Sister

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11. Yoshino From Date A Live

Date A Live is a harem anime where the main character has to date alien girls so they won't destroy the world. His goal is to make them fall for him, and he is assisted by veteran visual novel players in giving the right answers to his date. Yoshino is the youngest girl he meets. She is an adorable girl with a hand puppet, and she unleashes a barrage of ice storms if she ever feels uneasy.

12. Shinobu Oshino From Bakemonogatari

Shinobu is a vampire loli who loves eating donuts. She first appeared in Bakemonogatari as the adorable kid attached to Meme, Kiyomi's mentor. As the series focuses on her, we realize she is actually 500 years old and she knows a thing or two about attracting men like Kiyomi.

13. Illyasviel "Illya" von Einzbern From Fate/stay night

Illya is the little girl controlling the monstrous Berserker in the Fate Stay Night series. Realizing her potential though, she soon receives her own spin off show where she is a magical girl. With her red eyes and bright personality, it only makes sense, right?

14. Wendy Marvell From Fairy Tail

Sometimes lolis are dangerous. Wendy is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild, which is a group consisting of powerful magicians. Wendy might be young, but she can hold her own in battle. Being a Sky Dragon Slayer, it'd be smart not to underestimate her.

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