18 Celebrity Hotties With Inked Up Bodies Prove Tattoos Can Be Hella Sexy

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Hot female celebrities and their sexy tattoos. That’s one sizzling subject to take on. 

From neck tattoos and tramp stamps to ankle tattoo designs, nobody looks better in ink than our beloved female celebrities. 

And the fact that they are willing to show off their body art to the gaping public makes it all the more alluring to sneak a peek. 

Here are 18 of the hottest female celebrities and their equally hot tats.

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to tats. She even has the geographical location of all of her children's births on her back.

2. Rihanna 

Though her latest tattoo came under fire for having a glaring grammatical mistake, you have to admit her signature cascading stars tattoo down the back of her neck is oh-so-pretty.

3. Megan Fox

If the body is a canvas, Fox’s is covered in paint. 

Fox has eight confirmed tattoos that range from Marilyn Monroe’s portrait on her inner right forearm, to a yin and yang symbol on her left wrist.

4. Adriana Lima

This Victoria’s Secret Angel makes every runway event sizzle with her stylish ankle tattoo.

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