18 Anime Characters With A Huge God Complex

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They are superior to everyone, absolutely infallible, and really enjoy playing The Sims – we all know those certain anime characters that have that massive inflation that can only be called a god complex.

A god complex can come in various forms, but in anime, it is a pretty popular trope. Some may say that god complexes, or “kamidere,” are overused in order to make an easy villain, but when done right, characters with the right traits can be as awe-inspiring as they are terrifying.

1. Light Yagami from Death Note

Who is God of god complexes? It is Light. You know it was Light.

Light wants to kill all criminals to lull the world into a forced peace where he will then assume the mantle of God of this new world. He even gives getting the Shinigami eyes a pass because it would limit how many years he could be God of the world.


2. Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass

When you think of god complexes in anime, there are really two characters that immediately come to mind. Lelouch is one of them.

However, interesting enough, as clever, calculating, and manipulative as he is, he never compares himself to God. In fact, as the series goes on, he believes he is the Devil incarnate.

3. Sugou Nobuyuki and Akihiko Kayaba from Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online kind of has a love affair for gifting their villains with a god complex, which has led many fans to realize the trope is just a cheap way to create an easily dislikable villain, as is the case with both the villains from the first and second half of Sword Art Online.

Kayaba wanted to create a world that was his and his alone, eventually trapping people inside his game, while Nobuyuki exercised his full control over his virtual world to harass Asuna.

4. Gilgamesh from Fate Zero

Gilgamesh sees the world as his garden and finds all other Heroic Spirits beneath him. The fun part is, he’s not wrong! As the first Heroic Spirit and the King of Heroes, this makes other kings literal pretenders.

It also doesn’t hurt that his power does indeed dwarf the power of everyone else. So this is one god complex that is completely justified.

5. Father from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Cold and pitiless, Father is the homunculus from which all others are spawned. As the main villain of the series, he believes all humans are mere insects and are to be only used as his pawns.

His god complex goes to the extreme when he literally drags God down and fuses with it, although his newfound godhood is very short lived.

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