17 Weather Forecasters Who Were Betrayed by Their Green Screen

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Weathermen and women never get it wrong, do they? There’s never any big problems with weather forecasts, is there? *sigh* If only. 

These dudes can’t be trusted. Believe us – we have plenty of fails to choose from in this list of our Top 17…

1. Nice Shirt

I think this guy was just really, really proud of his new tie and wanted to make sure we all noticed.


2. Hot in Ahwatukee

Sure, the weather's bad in Ahwatukee, but at least you're not living in Cave Creek, right?

3. Storm Is Growing

No matter how much he tries to tee you up, please please please don't ask him where to find Tropical Storm John's "warm front." 

4. Rapture Forecast

It's so good to have information like this. I never know if I should pack an overcoat when preparing for the rapture, you know?

5. Earning Their Paycheck

[Insert snarky caption] [Add groan-inducing pun] [Finish with innuendo about butts]

...Sorry, my software glitched out for a moment there. Hope that peek behind the curtain hasn't revealed too many of our secrets.

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