17 Upcoming Anime Series to Look Forward to in 2017

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2016 may have been a dumpster fire of a year for everything else, but not for anime. With any luck, we can have another good anime watching year in 2017, and it already looks pretty impressive. 

While some shows may be pushed back enough that they dip into 2018, as it stands now, there are tons of amazing new series and follow-up seasons for hit anime series coming in 2017. 

So what upcoming anime series should you look forward to for the new year?

1. Attack on Titan Season 2 – April 2017

Although it was originally supposed to come out in 2016, Attack on Titan Season 2 has been pushed back multiple times until it was finally confirmed for the Spring Season of 2017. 

Yet, for as hyped as the majority of the anime community is, there are still some chronic worriers out there. The biggest worry is if Attack on Titan will stick to its source material since the manga hasn’t exactly chugged along since the first season.

Hopefully, much was learned from Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing, and other filler-palooza’s like D.Gray Man, Bleach, and Naruto. Creating an original story makes for an okay story, but nothing pleases fans more than showing the story the mangaka intended to tell.


2. One Punch Man Season 2 – TBA 2017

Remember when the second season of One Punch Man was announced and the hype was real for a few days before it dropped off the face of the Earth? While it is still coming, but there some speculation as to if it will actually come in 2017. 

You might do well to expect late 2017 if not 2018 for this one because there has been virtually zero information about it thrown out there.

3. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Season 2 – January 2017

Bright and colorful, energetic and weird, KonoSuba is back for a second season, and unexpectedly fast, too! Likely to be another 10-episode series like the first season, expect the series to keep chugging along with its source material, although it doesn’t have too much more to adapt after this unless the puts in a lot of filler.

4. My Hero Academia Season 2 – April 2017

Although popular in its own respect, many people didn’t think My Hero Academia would get a second season quite so quickly, not like its dwarfing competition One Punch Man, anyway. However, here it is, and it’s time to get on the Sports Festival Arc hype train.

5. Blue Exorcist Season 2 – January 2017

Blue Exorcist was one of those series that got a good first season that people liked. As it ended in a somewhat acceptable way, most people watched it and moved on to something else. Then, randomly six years later, it gets a second season.

Why? So random. Well, whatever. It should be a nice 12-episode return.

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