17 Times You Were So Glad You Weren't An Olympic Diver

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OLYMPIC divers usually have viewers salivating at the TV thanks to their insanely ripped six-packs and super-tiny swimming trunks.

But the aquatic acrobats lose all of their sex appeal in these hilarious photographs that capture them in unflattering poses mid-air.

Take a look at these 17 sidesplittingly funny Olympic diving fails and you will be so glad you weren’t an Olympic diver.

1. When this wasn’t you.


2. When you found out this thing was nearly 33 feet high.

Like jumping off a three-story building. NBD.

3. When this gave you anxiety.

4. When you could sit back and watch the competition…

Rather than trying to come back for the team.

5. When you just held your breath and prayed for these two.

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