17 Things You Should NEVER Google… Seriously, Don't Do It

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14. Mucus Plug

If you've been pregnant before, you probably know what this is. That's all we're saying about this one.

15. 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick


Luka Magnotta is a murderer. He posted a video called '1 Lunatic1 Ice Pick' in which he repeatedly stabbed international student Lin Jun with an ice pick, dismembered him, and committed necrophilia. The story gets worse, but we won't go any further.

16. Peanut, the World's Ugliest Dog

We actually love and adore this dog. Peanut is a rescue dog that survived a fire and is being cared for by his human Holly Chandler. In 2014, he was officially crowned the World's Ugliest Dog.


17. Jiggers

A jigger is a small measuring device often used by baristas or bartenders. Jiggers, however, are small chigoe fleas that you can find in dust or in rural areas. If you are infected, it isn't pretty. Infection can lead to inflammation or turn as serious as death.

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