17 Reasons to Believe Kylie Jenner Got a Boob Job

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Try to look past Kylie Jenner's lips for a moment if you can. We know it's difficult, but please. Try. For the sake of this.

Scroll down this reality star's body a little further and you'll come across a different part of her body sparking debate lately. Two body parts, if we're being specific. We're talking about Kylie's boobs, and the question we have for you is: Are they real?!?

Kylie claims they are 100 percent natural, but we've compiled a rundown of racy pictures that purport to tell a different story.

The jury is out, but we enter the following images as evidence in the case of The People v. Kylie Jenner's Allegedly Legitimate Boobs:

1. Questions Mount

Shared in August of 2016, many point to this photo as the one that got folks wondering about the boob job.


2. Happy New Year... and Boobs?

This was the first photo Kylie shared in 2017. Was she trying to tell us something?

3. Ogle Me in October

This is the photo featured in October for Kylie's 2017 calendar. We understand why some men might buy it.

4. Forget My Face!

Just focus on my breasts! Here, let me help! I'll turn away completely!

5. Kylie or Kim?

Seriously, could Kylie possibly look any more like her half-sister than she does here?!?

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