17 Reasons Kids Should Never Be Left Alone With Their Dads

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You can take all the classes and read all the books in the world, but most parenting lessons come from trial and error.

So this Father's Day, we thought it would be fun to reflect on those early days of fatherhood.

Though Toyota's commercial about a protective father is very touching, but sometimes you just should never leave your kids alone with their dad.

1.He Goes For Joyrides

The real reason babies aren't allowed on the road? They just don't have the maturity to control their temper.

2.He Blows Their Minds

His mind was blown and now his eyes are stuck like that. Baby's first words: "Ga Ga Googly Eyes"

3.He Ends Up Wearing A Pink Tutu

Step 1: Take off the boots. Ah well, close enough, at least he tried! Now hopefully he'll never try again.

4.He Gives Them Fashion Advice

Dad didn't have the slightest clue what he was doing when he dressed his son for school photos that day.

5.He Pulls Silly Pranks

Muahahaaa, ze evil baby vill take over ze vorld!

6.He Carries Them Like Luggage

Yeah, kids are basically like carry-on right? I don't have to actually give them any attention or keep them from getting bored every 5 seconds.

7.He Uses The Kid As a Grocery Cart

Stroller? Psh, more like personal shopping cart.

8.He Eats Dessert First

Dad just wants to show his girl what being an adult is all about! When you're an adult, you can do whatever you want, like eat mega huge ice cream cones!

9.He Gets In Trouble With The Labeller

Just in case he forgot, mom labelled the baby to make it really obvious what dad was supposed to watch.

10.He Tells Them It's Always "His Turn"

Put your back into it! This builds character!

11.He Wont Stop Playing With Markers

Godfather baby wont wait for you to get the money. If you want protection, pay up.

12.He Takes the Plunge

Dragging your kid through the store can apparently be made easy with this simple tool.

13.He Tries To Feel Young Again

Hey, if my 7 year old looks like me, then I must not be that old!

14.He Trolls His Daughters

No one wants to see Dad in short shorts....

15.He Plays Reverse Jenga

The world record for reverse baby's forehead jenga is 4ft... don't try to beat this.

16.They Play Dangerous Sports

The definition of things you can't do when Mom is around...

17.They Don’t Know How to Carry Kids

This dad just wants his kid to appreciate the great outdoors.

Dad is more of a kid than the kids are! If you leave them alone, who is going to watch Dad??

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