17 Naked Text Messages That Went to the Wrong Number

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When both parties are eager and willing to explore the racy and fantastical territory of sexting, it can be quite fun. 

But nothing beats dipping your toe in sexual textual waters only to find out that the person you thought you were texting wasn't actually the person receiving the messages. 

Yes, that may be mortifying and embarrassing for the sexter, but it's hilarious for everyone watching. 

1. My bad!

More like you're GOOD, man! Thanks for the laugh.


2. Who is this?!?

Wait... I didn't say to go away!

3. And now this random stranger forever has her photos. Yolo?

4. The guy this was meant for would have probably hated it all the same.

I hope she reconsidered her sexting approach. Those emojis make it seem like it's coming from a child and that makes me incredibly uncomfortable. 


This women was laughing her effin rear end off and making a sad face before even realizing she had the wrong number.

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