17 Most Funny, Shocking and Gross Moments in Rio Olympics 2016

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9. Swimmer Sun Yang can't throw

Sun may be a brilliant swimmer, but he should stick to the day job.

10. Gymnast wins gold despite the Pokemon Go addiction

Olympic gymnast Kohei Uchimura has won two gold medals at Rio 2016. And that's all while he was addicted to playing Pokemon Go - an obsession which saw him rack up a gigantic £3,700 phone bill.

11. Australian footballer doesn't know how a water bottle works

For some bizarre reason, Lisa De Vanna couldn't work out how to use a water bottle during their match against Brazil. Luckily, her teammate Elise Kellond-Knight was on hand to help her out.

12. Pole vaulter's dreams are dashed by his private place

Hiroki Ogita competed in the qualifying rounds of the pole vault - but little did he know that his biggest threat was actually in his pants.

While the athlete attempted to clear a height of 5.3m, his penis let him down, causing both the pole and Ogita's Olympic hopes to come crashing down around him.

13. This dancing weightlifter

Don't worry, he doesn't break anything. But David Katoatau from the island nation of Kiribati gave everyone watching a reason to smile.

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