17 Most Funny, Shocking and Gross Moments in Rio Olympics 2016

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5. Rebecca Adlington's cheeky Marc Foster leg grab

Eagle-eyed viewers witnessed Adlington appear to grab/stroke/squeeze fellow swimming pro Marc Foster's leg under the table like they were naughty high schoolers. It could easily be a load of innocent fun, but still.

6. Tonga's flag-bearer steals the show

Usually the most boring bit of the opening ceremony is where all the nations flood into the arena one-by-one.

Thankfully, Tonga were on hand to unleash super-oiled hunk of monk Pita Taufatofua. The taekwondo star is also a model and has a degree in engineering.

7. Swimmer Fu Yuanhui had no idea she won a medal

So many emotions on show here. Yuanhui was halfway through an interview without even realising she had won a bronze medal.

When it dawns on her, it's a beautiful sight. "Third?! I did not know! Well this is not bad at all!" Very true, Fu.

8. Lifeguard is bored

You can't blame her, it's not as if poolside aid for all those skilled swimmers is likely to be needed. But you never know.

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