17 Most Funny, Shocking and Gross Moments in Rio Olympics 2016

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We've over the halfway mark of the 2016 Olympics, and yes, while we know that we should be concentrating on the sport and the medals won and lost, we can't help but be entertained, grossed out or amazed by everything else that's going on in Rio.

Here's our rolling collection of incredible moments that have happened so far.

1. Michael Phelps's game face

You don't win over 20 gold medals without a bit of concentration, even if it makes you look like Darth Maul.


2. The bizarre green swimming pool

On Tuesday, the water in the pool where the divers for the women's synchronised 10-metre platform competed, appeared a completely different colour than the normal beautiful blue. It looked bogey green.

3. Ryan Lochte's hair turned green

It wasn't just the diving pool that went green, as US swimmer Lochte's bleached blonde hair changed colour when he took off his cap after helping Team USA's men's 4x200m freestyle team gold win.

4. This weightlifter's arm break

Andranik Karapetyan had an awful experience when suffering a shocking dislocated elbow during the men's 77kg weightlifting final. When attempting to lift 195kg, his arm bent the wrong way.

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