17 Hottest Celebrities Who Can't Stop Wearing Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants became one of the most popular articles of clothing for almost every woman on earth. And even celebrities love yoga pants, too. 

Some celebrities take it to the next level and wear yoga pants on the regular. The hottest celebrities know that wearing yoga pants all of the time will turn heads right in their direction, helping their career. No one knows, or cares, whether they actually do any yoga.

Below is a list of the hottest celebrities that love yoga pants. You are all welcome.

1. Kim Kardashian

One thing for sure is that Kim loves her yoga pants. Curves can get lost in a pair of jeans like a tourist in downtown Los Angeles, but yoga pants will are like a GPS for her figure.


2. Mila Kunis

For Kunis, Ashton Kutcher’s wife and mother of one, actual talent has accompanied her looks and her love of yoga pants is just more evidence of why her star will shine bright. If only she could rewind time and un-date Macaulay Culkin.

3. Vanessa Hudgens

Yoga pants were not made for any particular person, but there are some people on the planet who just seem to fit the yoga pants lifestyle. 

The very petite Vanessa Hudgens is someone who fits into that lifestyle. Regardless, her fans win while she stays comfortable.

4. Megan Fox

Fox knows she is too hot to trot and that is probably why she insists on making yoga pants a big part of her wardrobe.

5. Kendall Jenner 

Kendall Jenner isn’t your typical Kardashian. She’s nearly six feet tall and isn’t particularly curvy (i.e. she doesn’t have the trademark Kardashian backside). 

But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t look great in yoga pants. In fact, many would say that Kendall is the most beautiful of the reality show family.

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