17 Hot Actresses You Never Knew Were Cheerleaders (And 1 Man)

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15. Denise Richards

The actress was on her California high school's cheer squad and most recently donned a cheerleading uniform again for the Spike TV show Blue Mountain State.

16. Sandra Bullock

Way before she won an Oscar for her role in The Blind Side, actress Sandra Bullock attended Washington-Lee High School in Virginia. Bullock performed in school theater production and was obviously a cheerleader before graduating in 1982. 

17. Renee Zellweger

The actress was apparently a popular figure at her Texas high school, and her high school boyfriend has spoken fondly of her cheerleading skills, noting, "She was on the varsity cheerleading team her junior and senior year; to be a varsity cheerleader when you're not a senior is impressive." 


18. George W. Bush

We know what the title of this article reads, and yet, we couldn’t resist the temptation… Oh yes, the 43rd President was not only a cheerleader; he was the head cheerleader. 

When Bush reached appropriate age, he was sent to the Phillips Academy– a boarding school with notoriously rigid rules– where he played baseball. Bush was far from being an outstanding baseball player, but his performance as a cheerleader was inspiring. Having discovered his true talent, the young Bush kept on cheerleading even during the years he attended Yale University. 

Do you see the beauty of the alternate universe in which George W. Bush decides to devote his life to coaching other talented cheerleaders instead of pursuing a political career?

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