17 Hot Actresses You Never Knew Were Cheerleaders (And 1 Man)

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2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? Celebrities, apparently. 

We love their spirited performances in films and concerts, but long before many of today's famous faces were strutting stilettos on stage or the red carpet, they were shaking their pom-poms as middle school and high school cheerleaders.

Meet 17 outstanding and sexy actresses who once were sweet 17-year-olds, prancing around with pom-poms. Go, go, go-o-o-o, girls!

1. Cameron Diaz

With her bubbly personality and blond hair, it's not hard to imagine a young Cameron Diaz cheering on her high school team as a teenager in California.


2. Kirsten Dunst

It must have been no big stretch for the actress to play a cheerleader in Bring It On, since she actually was one during her high school years in Los Angeles.

3. Meryl Streep

Is there anything that the three-time Oscar winner can't do? In addition to being a cheerleader, Meryl Streep was also homecoming queen at her New Jersey high school.

4. Halle Berry

Not content on being the captain of the cheerleading squad at her Ohio high school, Halle Berry was also the class president and editor of the school newspaper.

5. Megan Fox

She may have played a cheerleader in the film Jennifer's Body, but Megan Fox first learned to shake a pom-pom on her Florida high school's cheerleading squad.

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