17 Hollywood Angels With The Face To Play A Comic Book Villain

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12. Katherine McNamara/Typhoid Mary

Katherine McNamara looks bad-ass in this photo, so much so that I believe she would make a great villain. 

Her face could easily pull off the bad girl look, and so I am going to compare her to Tyhoid Mary, the archenemy of Deadpool and Daredevil (who was based on the real-life Mary Mallon, an Irish immigrant who was the first person in America to be identified as an asymptomatic carrier of typhoid, and whose refusal to cooperate with authorities led to the deaths of as many as 50 people).

Typhoid Mary may be Daredevil’s enemy, but she is also his lover. She is gravely mentally ill, telekinetic, and an assassin. Trained in martial arts, Typhoid Mary is also a swordswoman and practices limited mind control. 

Her doppelganger Katherine, who plays the lead role of Clary on Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments and has been in several shows and movies, has all it takes to portray the multi-faceted and passionate (but violent) Typhoid Mary.

11. Bella Thorne/Mystique

There sure seem to be a lot of red-headed villains out there, and Mystique is just one more. Although actress Bella Thorne does not share the mutant shapeshifter’s blue skin and yellow eyes, she does look like her. 

Most people do not know that Bella is Latina (her dad calls her his “Cuban Princess”), but even so, her hair is naturally red, only enhanced by dye. The Floridian, who has been in movies like The DUFF and Blended with Adam Sandler, has several projects in the works for 2017, both film and television.

Her face is sweet and unassuming, but as in the above photo, she can also look a bit untrustworthy, much like Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence, who both played Mystique in different X-Men films. Besides shapeshifting, Mystique is ageless (100 years old!), and can accelerate healing, along with having superhuman agility and reflexes.

10. Holland Roden/Poison Ivy

Actress Holland Roden is known for her beautiful red hair and piercing green eyes, which make her the perfect choice to portray the likes of Poison Ivy. 

But it is not just those things; see that little smirk on her ruby red lips? She has a devious look to her, one that lends itself to playing a villain. Her smooth skin and attractive features are all well and good, and in all likelihood, Holland could just as easily play the girl next door. Some actresses, though, have the face for both good and evil. 

Her most successful role is playing mean girl turned superhero Lydia Martin on the MTV Network’s most successful scripted show, Teen Wolf, from 2011-2017. But I could totally see her in a comic book villain role. So far, the 30-year-old Texas gal has been in several prime-time shows and a few films, as well.

9. Megan Fox/Elektra

We all know Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood (or anywhere), but you have to admit she sometimes looks a little… evil. She has played the part of the mean girl many times over, and even played a possessed succubus in Jennifer’s Body. It is easy to see why. 

It is for this reason that while drop dead gorgeous, Megan Fox definitely has the face to play a villain. I think she would be a great fit with Greek martial artist and twin bladed sai-weilding assassin Elektra. 

Previously, Elektra was played by Jennifer Garner, but I personally think Megan Fox is a much better choice; she just seems villain-like, whereas Jennifer Garner comes off as very “mom-ish,” for lack of a better word. 

Megan Fox is basically a sex symbol, and interestingly, she loves comic books. She feels strongly that Wonder Woman is a “lame” superhero. Hmm, I wonder what she would have to say about her comic book twin, the alluring Elektra?

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